Tots Club

Tots Club is a morning session for under 5's


Tots Club as a great place where kids can enjoy a safe bouncy environment.

At our parks we run Tots Club  most mornings at a convenient time for mums and dads. The park is turned into a fantastic play area with balls and tunnels, teddy bears and parachutes!

The Club is open to all kids who are 5 and under as this age group is not permitted to the general bounce sessions due to safety.

Tots Club is a safe fun environment where children can explore and grow in confidence on the trampolines.

A Parent can accompany their tot into the park and all areas are open for an hour of play with great music to bounce along to.

All you'll both need is a pair of grip socks!


Parks which run Tots Club:


For more information:

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about our Tots Club and how to book your place.