Trampoline Park maintenance

To ensure the longevity of your equipment it is important to plan for the ongoing maintenance of your trampolines.

As standard we provide a site inspection one week after the park opens. This is conducted by one of the company directors and involves a full examination of all equipment. We undertake a second site visit a month later and a final review after 6 months of opening, both these visits are also done by a company director. We then recommend that all of our customers move to a site maintenance plan. This involves an annual onsite service by one of our qualified engineers who will check all equipment for wear and tear and identify anything in need of replacing. Engineers conduct a full audit of each component part of the equipment including the welds, pads, springs and nets. A full report is provided after the service as well as an annual service certificate for display in the park. Due to the risk profile of the trampoline park we recommend that this service is done as a supplement to routine equipment checks done in house by the park staff.

The cost of the annual service is dependant on the size of the park and the equipment within it. We will be happy to discuss further details with you during our initial consultation period. 

Do you keep spare parts?

Standard beds and springs are all kept in stock however, if you have bespoke parts of the build we will get these made to order. We recommend that parks hold a spares package and which will be designed specifically for you. The spares pack will be made up of the essentials and can be held on site. This can then be refreshed at a later stage, meaning that downtime on the park is greatly reduced compared to having to order from us, even on a next business day basis.