We would recommend a space no smaller than 10,000 sq. ft for your trampoline park, with the optimal size being between 20,000 and 30,000 sq. ft. While the focus of the park will be on the trampoline experience, up to 40% of the total floor space will be allocated to other activities such as the cafe, viewing areas and reception space.

At Super Tramp we work with our clients on ensuring that the available space is optimised in accordance with the objectives and ethos of the park. It’s worth noting that a smaller space doesn’t need to result in a lessened experience for your visitors and our design team will work with you to optimise the space available. 


Within the UK you will need D2 planning permission for leisure usage. If you are going to house the trampoline park in an industrial unit and are therefore applying for change for use from commercial to leisure, the two most common objections that you’ll face will involve parking and employment. Typically, councils deem commercial use of buildings to provide a greater number of jobs for the space involved than does leisure and are therefore reluctant to allow the change of use to proceed. Whilst this can be true for some leisure pursuits, cinemas being one such example, this is not the case with a trampoline park, where the nature of the use is actually very labour intensive, largely due to health and safety reasons.

It is also important to have carefully considered your traffic plan, to understand how many vehicles will visit you park at any one time, how they will be managed and how parking will be allocated.


Understanding how much your park is going to cost to fit out is one of the most important questions to get answered, which is why we can’t do it here. The number of variables that determine the cost of your park make providing anything resembling a meaningful cost impossible. Your park could cost around £150 - £200 per sq meter to fit out with trampoline related items, with other ancillary costs such as locker rooms, reception spaces and dining areas being factored in addition

In order to provide anything more detailed than that we’ll need to have a conversation to determine things like the proportion of horizontal to inclined trampoline, the type of trampoline required and the type of activity areas being quoted for. What we can say is that our costs are competitive with anything you’ll find in the marketplace, we just like to ensure they’re accurate before we provide them.