We require 12 weeks from receipt of your order to complete our installation. All of our projects are overseen by one of our Directors and our team work with a network of local, qualified tradespeople to carry out the installation. We think working with local tradespeople is a good idea, it provides a more flexible resource whilst also keeping the cost of the installation low and supporting the local economy. We will also work with your park team towards the end of the installation so that they can get a detailed understanding of the equipment ahead of opening.

Our projects work best when we work in partnership with our clients. Our clients tend to be business people, not experts on developing trampoline parks. They tend to come to us with a park concept and a list of features they’d like to see implemented. We work best when we are able to combine their vision for the business with our expertise in the field.



It goes without saying that safety and construction standards are of great importance when it comes to trampolining equipment and are something that we take very seriously. We track and maintain compliance with all British and European standards and though there is currently no European legislation relevant to the design and construction of trampoline parks we do comply with the standard issued by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). 


While we design and build our trampoline parks bespoke there are a number of popular elements that feature in many of our installations. These elements include: 

Trampoline beds - available flat or angled, our beds make up the main bouncing areas. While flat beds take care of the majority of the floor space, angled beds are designed to sit around the edges but are also used to make up mixed terrain environments as they provide a great deal of fun for the more adventurous trampolinist!

  • Dodgeball courts - A real favourite of any park, the courts can be contained within a defined netted area, ensuring the rest of your park is protected from the frenzy of trampoline dodgeball!

  • Basketball courts - Another firm favourite in many camps, combining a basket ball hoop with a trampoline allows any bouncer, regardless of height to score an epic slam dunk!

  • FastTracks - Long flat beds, providing runways for basketball goals and set pieces, these tracks provide an opportunity for more advanced bouncers to show off their stuff.

  • Platforms - Sometimes you just need a little downtime. Our platforms break up the park and provide bouncers with the opportunity to take a little time out if they need it.

  • Junior areas - One for the little people, our junior areas are made up of small trampolines designed to give younger bouncers a place to play.

  • Foam pits - large areas, filled to the brim with large foam pieces, designed to soften the landing from big jumps and somersaults.

  • The Wall - Designed for wall runners, these areas feature a mix of high performance trampolines and walls to allow for bouncers to hone their skills. At our most recent installation in Colchester the Wall has become a firm favourite.

  • Fitness areas - Some of our clients run instructor led classes. Configured like a classroom, the fitness area provides a single trampoline at the front of the class for the instructor and a number of flat beds for students.

  • Airbag landing areas - An alternative to the foam dismount pits, these large inflatables are designed to soften those big jumps and somersaults.

  • The areas detailed above offer an overview of some of our most popular park sections, however our designers love developing client concepts and if you have something a little different in mind let us know and we’ll set about working out how to make it happen.

What are your payment terms?

The payment terms for all of our projects are the same, broken down as follows:

45% upfront, 25% upon delivery of the equipment to site, 25% when we leave the site and then the final 5% when site is opened.